A photographic awareness story

Myanmar Refugee Crisis

Over the years, thousands of people in Myanmar were displaced and have had to flee their villages because of violence. In Kachin State, North-Eastern Myanmar, the fighting intensified again early 2011. The Kachin Independence Army and the Burmese army started fighting each other when I was there exploring the outskirts of Myanmar. The streets around Myitkyina flooded with army trucks and soldiers. That spiked my interests. I decided to leave my holiday for what it was and find out more about this conflict. A priest from a Catholic church took me to one of the refugee camps by the Chinese border. What I encountered was a forgotten group of people. While tourism in the ‘better’ parts of Myanmar was booming, just a few hundred kilometers away, people were living in absolute poverty. The war had taken everything away from these people and the only ones who seemed to care were the church and some NGO´s…